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Woman sitting at desk on laptop, looking at Mac laptop screen Swift Coding Level 1 is a Course

Swift Coding Level 1

Sep 1, 2022 - Aug 31, 2023

$350 Enroll

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Swift Coding and App Development Level 1


From the basics of Swift and Xcode to the coding communities that surround you, this Level 1 course will provide you the foundational knowledge to start building and creating apps. Debugging, problem-solving, basic interface design and connections to external fields will also be covered.


Estimated hours to complete: 180

This current section will be closed on August 31st, 2023


Technology:  This course uses the Xcode 10 edition of App Development with Swift, which requires at least macOS Mojave. You are welcome to complete the course using the latest version of Xcode, Xcode 12, which requires macOS Catalina. Either version works with our curriculum. Courses are updated to the latest Xcode and textbook edition on a cyclical basis as part of continuous improvement. However, the Xcode 10 update ensured that future updates do not impact existing code within the scope of our courses. Minor differences between versions are covered at the beginning of the course.


This course will prepare you to take Apple's Swift Coding Level One Certification(An optional next step)


Ohio State students, faculty/staff, and alumni should visit the Digital Flagship website for info about how they can access these certificates at no cost.

Review full terms and conditions.

Swift Coding and App Development Course Syllabuses

Questions? Email and the Digital Flagship team will be happy to talk with you!

Swift Coding and App Development Four-Course Series

Shift your career, advance in a current role, create a passion project, grow your brain or start your own business – whatever reason you have for wanting to learn to code and develop apps in Apple’s Swift coding language, this course can help you get there.

This four-course series is designed to make it easy for people from all backgrounds to get started coding and developing apps and to walk away with both a certificate and experience to add to your resume. No experience required.

The courses build on each other, with the first course providing a strong foundation for the more advanced work to come. Small assignments and check-ins throughout the first course will ensure that you've mastered the foundational concepts and are ready for the next step.

Swift Coding and App Development Level 1: Start to code with Swift by applying Swift coding basics and logic, using Xcode (Apple's free app-building tool), explore coding and app development in today's job market, and build a very basic app. Non-credit certificate earned upon successful completion.

Swift Coding and App Development Level 2: Build your first app by applying design thinking, engaging in feedback and testing, and building on basic Swift skills. Non-credit certificate earned upon successful completion.

Swift Coding and App Development Level 3: Advance your coding skills by digging more deeply into custom user-interface design strategies, exploring privacy and security, identifying key requirements for accessibility and discovering the role of file systems and databases. Non-credit certificate earned upon successful completion. (Coming soon)

Swift Coding and App Development Level 4: Bring your app to life in this capstone course by developing a business proposal, identifying implications of intellectual property, and finally apply all you've learned in all four courses! Non-credit certificate earned upon successful completion. (Coming soon)

The self-paced courses allow you to move through lessons on your schedule, speeding through what comes easily and spending more time in areas that you want to develop.

All courses should be completed in order. Use of a Mac computer is required to complete course material.

Once you've completed the courses, you can take your new skills and go on to complete Apple's Swift certification as a compliment to your Ohio State credential.

Review full terms and conditions.